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If you buy or sell a property, we arrange in the notary the meeting, advice you, translate in the notary, do all the tax-form, change the holder in the land registry, rates (town-hall tax), put in direct debit the water and energy receipts…


We do annually the non-resident tax (210 form) with the properties in Spain, putting in direct debit in your bank the tax.

If you have rent-incomes we do it every quarter.

If you are resident we do the income tax every year in May or June.


We study, calculate and fill the 650 form.

You have six months after the death.

Also we do the local-tax (plusvalía) form.

720 FORM

If you are resident and you have abroad Properties, money, investments, life-insurance… we study if we must do for you, is not a tax, it,s just Information…


Need the residents for selling a property and avoid the withholding, we ge in the tax office.

Also need the new residents for avoiding the double imposition.


If you sell a property we calculate and present the capital gains tax.

If you have losses you have to do also although you don`t pay…


If you a Company, we calculate and present the profit tax, in Spain must be paid in July 25th…


We register you NIE number (identification tax number) in the tax office.

If you bought a property and the value has been increased for the tax office, we make corresponding resources.

Advice and consulting

Our commitment is to give our customers the best professional and human service.
ON LINE services, if you send us an email we will contact you to offer you our help.